Christy Wilson, Writer

Christy Wilson, Writer

Since 1996, Christy Wilson has written thousands of articles, many of which rank #1 in Google searches. Her writing experience includes newspapers, magazines and a wide range of online writing. Beginning in 2015, Christy will be teaching a series of classes on the business of writing entitled, "How to Write for Money, Recognition, and a Sense of Accomplishment".

Christy can provide a wide variety of writing services, including: 

  • News Articles
  • Features Articles
  • Website Copy
  • SEO Copy
  • Blogs
  • Infographics Writing
  • Presentation Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Ad Copy 
  • Training Materials 
  • General Articles
  • Audio Scripts 

Christy's specialties include: 

  • Technical Writing 

        Big Data
        Mobile Devices
        Help Desk Operations
        Internet Security 

  • Business Writing

        Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
        Management Techniques
        SEO and Advertising 
        Social Media for Business

  • Specialty Writing for Specific Industries 

        Health, Fitness, and Wellness
        Weight Loss Surgery 
        Cooking & Grilling 
        Food Trucks

Christy graduated from Samford University with a degree in journalism. She then pursued a career in newspapers, working occasionally for magazines, as well. In 2011, she moved her entire freelance business online, specializing in SEO writing, website content, and articles for a variety of industries, particularly the tech sector and supply chain management. She now works with a variety of businesses to produce high-quality content that ranks well in Google searches and on social media. 

On a personal note, Christy enjoys a simple life on Lake Logan Martin in Alabama. When not writing (which isn't often), she loves to cook, grill, garden, and hang out with her daughters, Siberian husky, and the grand-pups. 

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